Children and Youth...

Your children are very important to us. We've designed something for every child in your family. Our goal is to make sure that your children are safe while they get involved and explore life.

Sunday at 10:00AM

Preschool: pre JK (upstairs)

LifeKids: JK to grade 5 (upstairs)

Junior Youth: grade 6-8 (they initially stay in the downstairs auditorium and

will then be dismissed to go upstairs just before the message starts)


Sunday at 7:00PM

Senior Youth: grade 9-12 (gather at 380 King)

For more information contact Judy Jewett at 519-886-7481

or Jaqua Taylor at 519-745-1914



Every week people from the LifeSpring community gather in smaller pockets to develop friendships, to share in Kingdom initiatives, pursue wholeness, to ask big questions and share life together.  It’s the best way to connect,  grow deeper and equip people for love and life.  We call these gatherings, LifeGroups. We have LifeGroups available for everyone no matter what stage of life you find yourself in. So, we encourage you to find a LifeGroup that fits you.

Feel free to contact John Lewis at 519-886-0358.

Find a LifeGroup